Welcome to the Ballroom


Staff Cast


Original work by
Tomo Takeuchi
Serialized in Kodansha’s “Monthly Shonen Magazine”
Yoshimi Itazu
Series Composition/ Screenplay
Kenichi Suemitsu
Character Design
Takahiro Kishida
Chief Animation Directors
Takahiro Chiba, Masayuki Honda
Action Animation Directors
Takashi Mukoda, Liang Boya
Prop Designs
Yu Kobayashi
Key Animator
Shingo Takenaka
Art Director
Ichiro Tatsuta
Color Design
Mayumi Sato
Koji Tanaka
CG Director
Kohei Ito
Junichi Uematsu
Sound Director
Hiromi Kikuta
Yuki Hayashi
Animation Production
Production I.G.
Opening Theme Song
Ending Theme Song
Mikako Komatsu


Tatara Fujita voiced by
Shinba Tsuchiya Comment
Shizuku Hanaoka voiced by
Ayane Sakura Comment
Kiyoharu Hyodo voiced by
Nobuhiko Okamoto Comment
Gaju Akagi voiced by
Kentaro Tomita Comment
Mako Akagi voiced by
Sumire Morohoshi Comment
Kaname Sengoku voiced by
Toshiyuki Morikawa Comment
Tamaki Tsuburaya
Mamiko Noto

Comment from Shinba Tsuchiya,
voice of Tatara Fujita

Every time I read this manga, I’m overwhelmed by its intense energy. The drawings are so powerful and the lines are so meaningful. Tatara’s growth and development fills me with elation. In order to convey this level of energy, I know I have to give everything I have. I have to grow and fight, just as much as Tatara does. I’m still inexperienced, but I will struggle alongside Tatara, and live and experience joy with him as well.

Comment from Ayane Sakura,
voice of Shizuku Hanaoka

Hi, I’m Ayane Sakura, voice actor for Shizuku Hanaoka. When I actually went to see a competitive dance event during the dubbing process, I realized how immensely talented and captivating the character Shizuku was. The dance scenes in the original work are so intense and uplifting, I knew they would come alive in the anime. As voice actors, we will try our best to convey the energy and emotion of the work on the screen. I hope you enjoy watching the growth, dreams and fears of the young men and women committed to competitive ballroom dancing in this exciting adaptation!

Comment by Nobuhiko Okamoto,
voice of Kiyoharu Hyodo

I’m Nobuhiko Okamoto, voice actor for Kiyoharu Hyodo. My goal is to portray Hyodo with the understanding of why and how he became a dance prodigy. I’m looking forward to the recording process as the dialogue is intriguing. This is a good opportunity for me to explore ballroom dancing myself.

Comment by Kentaro Tomita,
voice of Gaju Akagi

Hi, I’m Kentaro Tomita, voice actor for Gaju Akagi. I’m a huge fan of the original manga, which I’ve read many times. I’m ecstatic to play Gaju, a powerful, passionate character whose Gunma accent makes him sound even more intense! You won’t find many people like Gaju in everyday life. I admire his straightforward honesty and ability to say what others cannot. My goal is to portray Gaju with as much energy and intensity as the character himself.

Comment by Sumire Moroshoshi,
voice of Mako Akagi

I actually entered a dance competition so I could experience firsthand how the dancers breathe and what to emphasize. When I first wore the high heels and used muscles that I hardly ever used, I realized the difficulty of dancing in sync with a partner. I want to leverage that experience to convey how thoughtful, adorable and captivating Mako is!

Comment from Toshiyuki Morikawa,
voice of Kaname Sengoku

I play Kaname Sengoku, a professional competitive dancer who introduces the protagonist Tatara Fujita to the world of dance. It’s a huge responsibility as my goal is to portray the wonder and allure of the world of ballroom dancing through my voice. I want to proudly say, “Welcome to the Ballroom!” The Latin blood in me is starting to boil already. (laughs) I hope you enjoy it!

Comment by Tomoya Tabuchi

Hello, I’m Tomoya Tabuchi from UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, creator of the opening theme song for Welcome to the Ballroom. When I first heard about this manga adaptation to anime, I knew the opening song should be fast-paced and push the limit of expression in live action. With “the limit” as the key concept, I composed the piece incorporating as many BPMs as possible. The story opens with this light, refreshing, super pop-sounding number. This song is presented as the highest form of praise, with hope that the characters can dance with uninhibited freedom.